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Are you looking for a lovely location? Your journey comes to an end here! Sura Housing Project PROMOTERS are Tiruppur's leading Real Estate layout developers and builders. & we completely understand your requirement for articulately created Villas, if desired, and residential plots built to your specifications.

Sura Housing is a leader in quality and dependability and is regarded as one of Tiruppur's top real estate firms. Sura housing has been linked with excellence for over 15 years, thanks to its extensive experience and knowledge. Sura housing, one of the best real estate businesses in Tiruppur, provides plots and layouts in Tiruppur's prime locations.

Each property is on pace with the current lifestyle because of its attractive design and sophisticated facilities. Sura housing does not cut corners on quality since each project is meticulously designed and implemented with attention to detail to ensure that it is in line with the purchasers' preferences and expectations at an affordable budget.

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Why Sura Housing is unique when it comes to real estate in Tiruppur?


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Life-friendly features, easy connection, closeness to metropolitan facilities, and work-life balance are all carefully considered before settling on a site for all of its projects.


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Every Sura Housing project stands out from the crowd due to a high level of exclusivity that is noticeable. That is why Sura Housing has altered the Tiruppur real estate market.


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Sura Housing excels in all aspects of plots for sale in Tiruppur and the surrounding areas. Regarding top quality, the organisation outperforms itself by providing unrivalled perfection.


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Why Tiuppur?

Why Tiruppur for Residential Real Estate Properties

History of Tiruppur

Tiruppur, one of South India's most important industrial cities and a rising international commerce hub, is located in Tamil Nadu on the banks of the Noyyal River. Tiruppur district's administrative headquarters are also found in the city. Coimbatore City, renowned as the Manchester of South India, is barely 42 kilometres from Tiruppur.

Tiruppur is 459 kilometres from Chennai, the state capital, and 291 kilometres from Bangalore. Many tourists and travel brokers visit Tiruppur regularly, and the city is easily accessible by air, rail, and road. The nearest international airport is Coimbatore. Tiruppur is served by trains from all major Indian cities. As a significant business and industrial city, Tiruppur is well connected by road.

Tiruppur is a lovely city in Tamil Nadu's Kongu Nadu area. This city has several exciting locations, including the well-known Avinashi Temple. Every day, tourists come to the temple, which is quiet and clean. Every devotee enjoys the spectacular beauty of the route leading to the temple. To finish the journey, seek the blessing of the temple. Thirumoorthy Hills, around 22 km from Udumalpet and 86 km from Munnar, is another area worth seeing.

The famed Thirumoorthy Dam is located in the area and is a great spot to come and explore. The mountains that surround the area make it quite attractive. A must-see location for photographers and videographers. Worth visiting destination for photographers and wildlife lovers. There is also a magnificent waterfall near the dam that visitors like visiting. Another well-known tourist attraction is the Tiruppur Kumaran Memorial Statue.

The historical Freedom Movement Art Gallery draws visitors, transporting them back in time. There is also a retail street near the art gallery that will make any shopaholic happy. The location is also well-known for its wide range of delights. So eat well while you're in Tiruppur.

The "Knitwear capital" of India is Tiruppur, a significant textile hub in the western state of Tamil Nadu. It has been operating effectively for over three decades and is well-known for its famed banyan manufacturing. More than six lakh city dwellers have access to work opportunities because of the textile sector. Tiruppur exports textiles mainly to numerous nations. After it began shipping to multiple locations, the city's textile sector garnered recognition for the quality and excellence of its products.

Over 120 billion rupees of the industries' 220 billion rupees annual revenue comes from exports. Tiruppur has buyers from 35 countries and has been dubbed the "Town of Export Excellence" due to its modern technology and the excellence of the macroeconomic environment. This region accounts for 90% of all textile exports from India.

The public transportation system plays an essential part in overall growth. State Transport Undertakings, which provide a variety of services including Town, Mofussil, Ghat, and Express services as well as Inter-State services to neighbouring States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry and North States, play a crucial role. Bus and train services connect almost all District and state localities.

Tiruppur has a wide variety of entertainment alternatives despite being a tiny city. One may go to a movie or a club to unwind with buddies. In Tiruppur, there is no shortage of entertainment options. There are many movie theatres in Tiruppur where you may watch your favourite film! There are several famous movie theatres in Tiruppur, including Tamil Nadu Cinemas, Usha Multiplex, Srinivasa Cine Complex, Varanashi Multiplex, Sri Sakthi Theaters, Universals, Sri Gajalaskhmi Cinemas, MPS 3D Cinemas, Sivan Cinemas, Nataraj Cinemas, Shanthi Cinemas, and Shakthi.

Tiruppur's lifestyle is exciting, and there are numerous clubs in Tiruppur, such as Fitness One India Limited, Aqua Green Club, Rotary Club of Tiruppur South, The Tiruppur Club, The Royal Club of Tiruppur, and Tiruppur City Club. Some of Tiruppur's established and licensed clubs include the Metro Politian Club, the Lions Club of Tiruppur Central, and the Kongu Sports Club.

People enjoy the Aqua Green Club because it provides a wide range of entertainment for people of all ages. Of course, you must be a part of this club to benefit from its services. You can get guest passes to attend events if you want to visit the club for a day or a week. Swimming pools, bars, games, and other entertainment programmes are available.

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