FAQ About Real Estate Investment in India

What exactly is a DTCP Approved Layout?

The DTCP Approved Layout implies approval from the DTCP concerned to carry out planned development by applicable building standards and other conditions. We designed these layouts by the DTCP's published criteria. The distance between buildings, closeness to essentials, the size of the minor site, and other considerations are some of the features.
A DTCP Approved Plan primarily provides a plot with a complete title. When purchasing property, it is usually best to employ authorized blueprints because unapproved layouts may lack legitimate land titles and present additional risks.

The full name of DTCP is the Directorate of Town and Country Planning. Government officials are involved. Even if you have bought a plot in a DTCP Approved Design and have carefully examined all the legal papers approved for the Layout, there may or may not be a potential for any civil action made by any legal successors of the original property owners. So, using all necessary legal papers, you swear to the validity of the authorized DTCP Layout.

A builder who wishes to apply for plan approval from the state DTCP may be required to submit many papers. We have included a set of DTCP Approved Layout papers below. Depending on the type of the project, such as residential, commercial, or institutional, it may differ from state to state.
Parking spaces, building setbacks, and the width and quality of roadways are all depicted on the site plan.
As needed, provide a copy of the survey drawing, village plan, field measurement, and book of survey number indicating the proposed placement.
An example from a masterplan or early land use plan outlining the anticipated location Within a 500-meter radius, a comprehensive map displays existing characteristics such as residential colonies, educational institutions, health clinics, and religious buildings.
Document from a municipal official confirming the width and nature/status of access routes (commissioner or panchayat secretary). A competent authority has given a certificate stating that the proposed structure is not near any bodies of water.
Documentation establishing registered ownership of the land, certified by a gazetted authority, and exhibiting the survey number, extent, and schedule of borders from the registered documents
Payment data is forwarded to the DTCP for evaluation and technical analysis. Proposed installation capacity (for industrial applications)
Costs of plant and equipment for the entire project (for industrial applications) Revenue authorities' certificate of land change
Certificate of No Objection (NOC) from the emergency services and fire departments A NOC from the state Pollution Control Board, if applicable.
A NOC from the irrigation system, if applicable.
If necessary, a letter of authorization from the revenue department.
A NOC from the forest authority is necessary if the location of the issue borders a forest.

The loan proportion will be up to 70%, and the bank will determine the payback. However, it is typically 20 years, with the building taking 2-5 years.

Yes, you can sell the house with the bank's consent.
If the buyer wants a loan to buy the house, he should go to the same bank. The bank is only sometimes obligated to send the property paperwork to another bank before receiving payment.
If the buyer chooses to make a complete payment, he may do so directly to the bank. The bank will only provide the property paperwork once the bank has received the full loan payment.

We have homes available for sale at varying phases of design and construction.

We will be able to tell you the budget parameter pricing per square foot after our initial pre-design consultation. It will give you a ballpark approximation for the cost per square foot.

We place a high value on safety. As a result, we have highly tight requirements for accessing an active employment site. On the other hand, a visit to your job site is only a phone call away. Our friendly Field Managers will gladly give you a tour.

We are a fully certified Real Estate Broker and would gladly assist you with any house and plot purchasing needs in Coimbatore and Tiruppur.

Many factors influence project schedules, but design choices and planning are among the most time-consuming before construction. Our building timeframe will be determined by the design and planning phases. Our spec houses will be completed in 10 to 12 months, while our bespoke homes will be completed in 12 to 15 months.