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Why Coimbatore

When it comes to dreaming of homes, ordinary won't do. That is our goal, which drives, motivates, and inspires us. We are Sura Housing Project Developers, a forward-thinking real estate firm in Coimbatore. We strive to provide customers with an extraordinary experience instead of an investment.

Sura Housing Developers is a name that stands out when buying a property in Coimbatore because of its commitment to transparency, trust, and customer care. With over 15 years of expertise in the real estate sector, we have carved out a place to offer the highest quality standards. The real estate market lives on competition as a well-known firm in Coimbatore.

We're excited to meet and exceed its various challenges! Sura Housing Developers' core principles of trust, competitive spirit and innovation have allowed us to survive and earn countless honours. Our view is that uncompromising quality always succeeds.

Sura Housing Developers is a real estate developer with projects that have attracted the interest of several investors and end consumers. Our extensive facilities, beautiful green planted open areas, high-quality infrastructure, and a modern luxury design approach make us unique.

Our Coimbatore DTCP- approved plots and villa plots in gated communities are designed and built to meet the preferences and demands of every home buyer.

Why Coimbatore?

Why Coimbatore to Choose Buy Land/Plots in Tamilnadu?


Warm Hearts

Coimbatore welcomes visitors from different parts of the country, and the people here live as one massive happy family. Coimbatorians are highly sociable, readily embrace modern beliefs, and will go out of their way to make people feel welcome.


Sweet Water

Here you can enjoy the world's second-sweetest water. Siruvani dam, located 50 kilometres from the city, is the city's primary water source. The entire supply of water from Siruvani is gravity-fed, whereas pumping is used in the Pillar project.


Global tourism

The city has various entertainment options, including amusement parks, adventure parks, and retail malls. Shopping tours through the city's colourful and bustling marketplaces are among the best things to do in Coimbatore.


Smart City

Coimbatore is true "One City, Many Worlds." Education and multiculturalism have contributed to entrepreneurialism in the city, as shown by the fact that Coimbatore is a self-made city. Many people from other states are adding cultures, languages, and ways of life.


Modest Traffic

Coimbatore has a well-developed and reliable transport network. The city is well-connected by road, rail, and air to major Indian cities and towns. The city's infrastructure is in a new league, with bridge construction and flyovers just around the bend.


Clean Community

According to the most current Swachh Bharat scores, Coimbatore is the cleanest city in Tamil Nadu. No other Tamil Nadu city made the top ten, making Coimbatore residents proud of their city's cleanliness.

About Coimbatore

About Real Estate Investment Properties in Coimbatore


Coimbatore, a city in Tamil Nadu, is also known as the "Manchester of South India" and is located on the banks of the beautiful River Noyyal. It is likely due to its inviting and charming vibes.

You will feel quite happy when you visit here because you can explore everything, including the lush mountains, ancient temples, magnificent weather, delicious and healthy foodstuffs, and captivating waterfalls. It is the type of experience every traveller and tourist looks for in a vacation destination.

With its unimaginable climate, Coimbatore city ranks at the top. The breeze of chilled blissfulness is an experience not to be skipped. The natural aura that this beautiful place has to offer will leave you speechless. It clears our minds and washes away our anxieties. Coimbatore is very comfortable for retirees because it does not feel extreme temperatures.

The climate is a blessing for people who suffer from skin diseases. The weather in Coimbatore is tropical all year. Summers are not scorching because of the proximity of high-density mountain ranges.

A cool breeze always blows through, making even the hottest summers bearable. There could be Southwest monsoon showers, so keep an umbrella handy. However, the local flavours of Elaneer and Nannari Sherbet can help you beat the heat. Winters are not particularly cold, but there is a pleasant twitch in the air.

Coimbatore, one of the most vibrant cities in the country, is a well-known educational centre. Students from all over the country select Coimbatore because of its diverse choice of educational institutions and high educational quality. Coimbatore, one of the country's most industrialized cities, is a well- known educational centre with many notable academic institutions. The metropolis is futuristic, all-encompassing, tranquil, and the epitome of Tamil Nadu's knowledge hub.

Because Coimbatore is home to prestigious educational institutions, the city has become a second home for many students from other states. One of the main reasons that students and parents like Coimbatore is the clear connection between academic institutions and enterprises in the region.

Evacuate at Coimbatore International Airport (JCB), about 10-15 km from the centre. The airport is well-connected to other important Indian cities and airports, making air travel a breeze. After landing at the airport, you can easily take a cab or another mode of transportation to your destination.

A border at the Coimbatore Railway Junction (CBE), the city's primary railhead. It has good overall interconnection with other Indian cities and provides a good train frequency for locals and tourists.

You can easily travel to Coimbatore by the healthy road networks, depending on your geographical location. You can easily book a cab or board a bus (interstate or private) from nearby cities and states to get to Coimbatore.

Coimbatore is the nation's leading textile producer and manufacturer, with an extensive production and manufacturing base. Coimbatore textile companies have set a standard for other textile companies to follow. Coimbatore's textile industry is primarily focused on manufacturing and export.

The primary focus is on the production of garments and fibres. Furthermore, the city's weavers are skilled and well-known for their dyeing and weaving abilities. Most people like knitwear and apparel because they are high quality and reasonably priced. The availability of natural resources and skilled labour makes it a preferred trading hub throughout the southern region.

The tourist attractions in Coimbatore District are well-known. There are numerous tourist attractions in and around Coimbatore. Coimbatore is one of the largest districts in Tamil Nadu, with many tourist attractions, shopping centres, and religious sites. Coimbatore has a thriving shopping district.

Sightseeing locations, flourishing nightlife, and delicious food will keep you occupied for days. For an exciting time, there is Black Thunder, Maharaja World, and Kovai Kondaatam. The Brookefields, Fun Republic, and Prozone shopping malls provide entertainment under one roof.

Because Coimbatore is near the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, Munnar, Parambikulam, Wayanad, and Nelliyampathy are all worthwhile day trips. Kovai Kutralam, Forest College Museum, TNAU botanical garden, Puliakulam vinayagar temple, GeeDee museum, Anubhavi Subramaniam temple, Eachanari vinayagar temple, Siruvani dam, Isha Yoga Center, Perur Pateeswarar temple, Velliangari hill temple, Kovai Kondattam, Marudhamalai temple, and Vaidehi Falls are among the attractions within the city.

All of these locations are worth seeing. Coimbatore serves as a gateway to and from neighbouring Kerala State and the ever-popular hill station of Udhagamandalam (Ooty). Ooty is a 100- kilometre-distance appealing place near Coimbatore that you may reach in four hours over delectable hairpin curves. It is the starting point for individuals who wish to take the Mountain train from Mettupalayam, which is only 35 kilometres from Coimbatore.

Coimbatore's economy is based on information technology, engineering, and textiles. When it comes to IT outside of Chennai, Coimbatore is at the top of the list. It is a burgeoning IT hotspot. Its proximity to Bangalore and Chennai and the significant talent available make it an ideal base. Many top IT firms, including Cognizant, Bosch, HCL, Wipro, and TCS, have expanded their operations here.

Some domestic firms, such as KGISL and VG-VAK, have begun to establish themselves. The government has chosen Coimbatore as one of the most exciting tier-2 cities. It has advocated for a TIDEL Park. TCS and Wipro are currently developing facilities on a 56-acre ELCOT SEZ.

Because of its industrial activity, Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of South India. It has over 30,000 small, medium, large, and micro industries. Coimbatore is well-known for its textile mills and is home to various industries.

Machine Tools, Foundry, Steel Castings, Electronic Goods, Automobile Spares, Machinery Equipment, and Gears are plentiful. Consumer goods such as wet grinders, mixer grinders, motors, pumps, textile cloth, hosiery goods, yarn, and so on also play an essential role. Despite their entrepreneurial spirit, the people are conservative and continue to value age-old traditions. The city has a plethora of shopping malls, retail outlets, and shopping complexes for marketing these products.

The automotive parts industry in Coimbatore has also grown significantly, with a presence even in international markets! It has been made possible through collaboration with global manufacturers.

Coimbatore has the most private hospitals in the state, second only to Chennai. It draws patients not only from other parts of the country but also from other countries. The city has established itself as the most prestigious name in medical tourism. Patients travel from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and even as far away as Ghana and Nigeria. Coimbatore is home to many multi-speciality hospitals staffed by skilled medical professionals.

Coimbatore is South India's leading medical hub, with hospitals such as KMCH, Royal Care Hospitals, Ramakrishna, GKNM, PSG, Ganga, Sankara Eye Hospital, Aravind Eyecare, ESI, KG, and Kumaran Hospital. Cowley Brown Road is a hospital. Dental surgeons, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, and other specialists can be found here. The road also has scan and diagnostic facilities.

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